Spread the Word

The following materials are provided to help you spread the message of High Blood Pressure Control throughout your channels and networks and enable you to assist in the placement of public service ads in your community.

Blog Post Template

Customizable blog post that can be used to share the campaign on your blog.

Live Announcer Copy

Customizable announcer copy that can be tailored to fit your local market.

How to Access PSAs

Instructions on how to download broadcast quality versions of the High Blood Pressure Control PSAs.

How To Get PSAs Placed

A comprehensive guide on how to promote the High Blood Pressure Control PSA campaign with your local media outlets.

Local Activation Ideas

Ideas to implement the campaign at local events.

Sample PSA Director Letter

A PSA Director letter template that you can edit and tailor for your local outreach.

Newsletter Promotion Template

Customizable newsletter template that can be used to share the campaign in your newsletter.

Printable Poster

Printable poster to share and distribute in your community.